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The Design Concept behind the Amerigo Saddle

Does an object of a certain weight always weigh the same?

In designing the first saddle that allows a horse to move freely, unencumbered by a rider, Peter Menet* considered these and other weighty issues. In the same way that wet shirts hung in the middle of a clothesline will cause the line to sag deeply, those same shirts evenly distributed closer to the wash pole will pull the line down less and therefore are more easily supported.

Think of your horse’s back as that clothesline and his shoulders and pelvis as his back’s points of support. Now, consider how your horse might perform if his saddle’s seat design allowed you to sit in a balanced and efficient position closer to his back’s point of support, the shoulders. Your weight is then carried over his natural centre of gravity and is transmitted to the horse where he can carry it without any interference to his natural rhythm and balance. He can then round his back and engage his hindquarters more freely and easily.

The end result of these deliberations is Amerigo, a saddle created for the horse, not just the rider, with a correct anatomical design that protects and enhances the wellbeing of your horse and produces a more efficient seat for the rider. This allows both you and your horse to concentrate fully on your performance, with total balance and precision.

Nothing should come between you and your horse’s natural movement, unless it’s an Amerigo saddle. It puts you in a perfect position to win.

* Peter Menet is the designer of the Amerigo range of saddles - coming from a background of showjumping and breeding, he is also a frequent lecturer at DIPO Germany’s institute for horse osteopathy.

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